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Autodesk Suite to 3ds Max Interoperability Roundtable

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    Autodesk design software provides great tools for building complex designs ranging from mechanical to civil, and 3ds Max Design software is a great tool for generating visually stunning rendered animations. This roundtable session addresses topics related to the use of 3ds Max Design for rendering and animation of CAD models from other Autodesk design software. We discuss importing and linking models from software such as Revit® and Inventor® software, and the use of Civil View for visualizing AutoCAD® Civil 3D® geometry. We examine strategies for working efficiently within 3ds Max, the animation of specific moveable parts, and the tools that are available for editing keyframes and tweaking the overall look and timing of the animation. To wrap up the discussion, we will review the multiple rendering options that are available to users in 3ds Max Design and discuss which option can be best suited for a particular task.

    Key Learnings

    • Import and link CAD data from within 3ds Max Design 2014
    • Explain the strategies for working efficiently between other Autodesk software and 3ds Max Design
    • Animate using keyframe animation, and edit the keyframes to modify the animation
    • Render the animated sequence using the most appropriate rendering tools for your needs