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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to Increase Construction Productivity

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) has made an impact in various industries, such as transportation and manufacturing, and it has improved productivity. With the growth of reality capture devices in the construction jobsites, and the lowering cost of hardware, the construction industry is finally ready to capitalize on artificial intelligence and machine vision. This class will demonstrate how the construction jobsite can capitalize on machine vision to track progress, detect deviations, and calculate the quantity of work completed. Deep-learning technology classifies point cloud data into geometric and semantic segments, creating intelligent models automatically. Comparing scans with 3D intelligent-model qualities can be tracked accurately. AI enables you to eliminate the ambiguity inherent to the pencil requisition process. Comparing exact quantities of materials in place to the total project quantities gives you an accurate percentage complete of work in place, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capitalize on artificial intelligence to track progress and make informed decisions
    • Learn how to automate your schedule updates based on 4D model and reality capture
    • Discover innovative applications of reality capture to automate progress documentation and as-builts
    • Discover machine-vision-based automated scan-to-model conversion