Architectural Revit Model Breakdown Strategies
Industry Talk    LO-AEC19
Andrew Victory
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The concepts of BIM strive to the ideology of design teams working together collaboratively within 1 model across all disciplines. As fantastic as Revit has been to support architectural design delivery, the realities of this are not quite there yet when projects reach a certain scale or teams are to be spread across geographical locations. This class isn’t looking to solve all these challenges, but will highlight the different approaches that CallisonRTKL has learnt from experience having worked with Revit technologies since as early as 2003 globally and in the UK since 2006. We will also highlight other applications that we are using to address some of these challenges such as Windows Remote Desktop, Cisco Xen App, and Collaboration for Revit with A360.

Key Learnings

  • Understand Revit model best practices based on building typologies
  • Understand model breakdown at project stages
  • Understand model breakdown for cross office architectural team collaboration
  • Current Revit model breakdown limitations


Andrew Victory
Andrew is a design technology manager responsible for a global team of design technology specialists. Together they are responsible for the staff training, support, and implementation of BIM projects throughout CallisonRTKL within the areas of process and technologies. Andrew has over 9 years of experience within the role of a firm-wide BIM manager assessing, validating, and coordinating the delivery of BIM-enabled projects throughout all global geographies at all project stages, and project types that include commercial, workplace, and retail sectors. He is also part of CallisonRTKL Delivery Council, the global Arcadis BIM Community and Arcadis EMEUK Regional BIM Manager.

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