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Applying Lean Methodology to IT and CAD/BIM Management

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    Lean has been around a long time in manufacturing. In recent years, it's gained a lot of traction in construction. However, the methodologies and tools used by lean practitioners are relevant in almost any field. In this session, we'll discuss lean, and how the various concepts and tools can apply to technology. Using lean tools will help you provide a more powerful and stable technology and computing environment for your users. Note: While explained in this class, this is not a session on the more widely known concepts of Scrum and Agile in technology. Rather, we will discuss other lean methodologies not often linked to technology. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Get a quick history of lean
    • Discover lean tools and methodologies
    • Learn how to apply traditional lean methodologies to technology
    • Learn about practical examples as they apply to technology