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Agile Construction: How Virtual Last Planner Input Is Optimized by Artificial Intelligence.

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    Intelligent models are now tangible to every member of the project team, and this has extensive ramifications. Now that project managers, superintendents, virtual design and construction (VDC) engineers, and forepersons are all operating with a BIM (Building Information Modeling) medium, construction can truly move into the information age. By embracing the principles of the last planner system, utilizing the interfaces of VDC, and employing the power of artificial intelligence, Grit Virtual is re-engineering not only how project teams interact with each other, but also how projects are delivered. Co-founder and CEO Chris Callen will introduce the Grit Virtual methodology, explore learned lessons from pilot projects, and share the Grit team's vision for what comes next.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the unique benefits of agile project management
    • Discover the application of immersive interfaces for project teams (AR/VR)
    • Understand the power of AI as it pertains to construction scheduling
    • Understand the ramifications of a truly engrained project information system