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Advanced Techniques for Managing Building Data in Revit

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    The collection and management of building data, including the requirements for rooms, equipment, and other needs, as it evolves from early design through construction documentation and as a basis for facility management, can be enhanced through advanced techniques in Revit-based software. This includes linking to an external data source, automating the creation of areas and rooms, creating room data sheets, and other graphic and non-graphic processes that complement BIM. This class covers basic database theory, the structure of objects and their relation to data management, and Revit techniques for implementing this general theory in actual projects. We also discuss third-party software and customizations, and how they are used to further advance these processes. The class goes beyond learning Revit commands and looks at the underlying information requirements of emerging integration in project delivery.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how building data is structured in terms of general database principles
    • Use Revit to study building massing and conceptual planning based on program data
    • Create room data sheets, both in Revit and in an external database
    • Select third-party applications and make customizations to enhance the management of data in Revit