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AI for Construction Safety—Reducing Job Site Risk

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    Now that computers can see and understand the world around them through artificial intelligence (AI), how can they be used to help the architecture, engineering, and construction industry? In a 2016 ENR photo competition, an AI agent reviewed photo submissions to look for potential job-site safety risks. The AI processed all 1,080 images in less than 5 minutes, while a team of human experts took more than 5 hours to do a similar review. Skanska is committed to using these same technologies to reduce job-site risk. In this session, Ryan Salvas of Skanska will review how to expand the types of risk indicators seen by the AI through BIM 360 Field software, a software platform used for the collection of site imagery. The presenters will highlight pilot projects where the technology is being expanded to handle additional types of visual information, including videos with voice narration and real-time image streams from job-site cameras, all in the name of protecting our most valuable asset-our people.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the types of visual documentation coming from the field
    • Comprehend the basics of machine learning for speech and vision
    • Discover BIM-driven reality-capture workflows during construction
    • Understand the different types of visual documentation devices in the field today