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The AEC Product Owner: A New Role Bred Out of the Necessity for Change

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    The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is going through yet another technological revolution. As cloud technology usage increases, third-party software companies attempt to expand our ability to utilize project data and automate BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes like never before. To assist in pushing the BIM boundaries or bridging the gap between new software and legacy systems, companies are hiring software developers to architect custom software solutions that will forge (pun intended) the future. However, many AEC firms struggle to get the most out of their developers. Establishing the product owner role at your firm can help. This presentation will address the responsibilities and benefits of an AEC product owner. These topics will be discussed from the viewpoints of virtual design and construction (VDC) personnel looking for a new challenge, an acting product owner, and how developers benefit from the role.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what a product owner is and the importance of the role.
    • Discover why and how this role is applicable in the AEC industry today, and how it will help shape AEC firms of the future.
    • Discover when to adopt and implement a product owner at your firm and the benefits of doing so.
    • Hear real-world examples of how product owners have driven the success of development projects.