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A360—Compact Platform for Collaboration in BIM Projects

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    Effective Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration cloud environment is one of the key things that emerges as a time-saver in terms of communication and with respect to team members collaborating on model changes in the central cloud that the entire team is accessing. A360 BIM collaborative environment really helps to reduce direct communications and email chasing between clients and BIM service providers because models can be viewed directly in clouds without any software installations on the systems. Any type of updates, by team members or from clients, can be easily seen and replied to directly in the cloud at any time. This is a very good environment for holding client meetings to mark up and track live projects without using software, even when you are in mobile access. This guarantees that all team members—both on-site and at the desk—will have access to the correct files, project data, and designs. It’s a time-saver even when team members are using various Autodesk, Inc., stand-alone software during modeling, as changes are recorded in the A360 cloud environment. This session features A360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the capabilities of cloud collaboration using A360
    • Learn how to have seamless access from anywhere—office, home, and mobile
    • Learn how to visualize a complex model in the cloud without any stand-alone software
    • Learn how to design updates instantly seen in the A360 web