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400 Models, 9 Teams, One Coordination: BIM at Work

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    How can we coordinate people around the world in a project of 3,250,655 cubic meters, divided into more than 400 multidisciplinary Revit models? This class will show how 3D coordination is possible in an effective way using Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team. The Red Line North Underground project in Doha, Qatar, was started with the use of many different local systems (Revit servers) and a central storage useful for exchanging models and information. The adoption of the BIM 360 platform let us optimize the workflows, saving time and money. With the integrated cooperation and collaboration made possible by the platform, efficiency was maximized, therefore providing a solid base for the decision-making process. Thanks to BIM 360 software, all members of the team could share information and collaborate, regardless of where they were physically located, capitalizing on the contributions, skills, and intuitions of all team members in a smooth and simple way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the benefits and advantages of adopting BIM 360 cloud technology for all stakeholders throughout the entire process
    • Discover how the BIM 360 workflow enables faster process
    • Learn how to implement a unified workflow with many actors around the world
    • Learn how to overcome a surplus of emails and exchange files with more-effective communication and coordination