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3D Riser Diagrams in Revit: How to Create and Implement into Construction Documents

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    The traditional approach calls for engineers to produce both plan view and riser diagrams for plumbing work. This method calls for duplicated information. This is both wasteful and error prone. To achieve a connected BIM (Building Information Modeling) project, we need a way to connect the plan views to the riser diagrams. This can be accomplished using 3D riser diagrams. This demo will cover how to use Revit tools to produce 3D riser diagrams. We will discuss all the benefits to using 3D risers and how to get your project managers on board with using them for construction documents. We will provide examples of how to create, annotate, and manipulate 3D risers to plot clearly and accurately. We will also touch on the typical issues and how to fix or prevent those issues from happening.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to persuade your project manager to use 3D risers in lieu of the traditional flat risers
    • Learn how to create and annotate 3D views
    • Discover typical struggles and learn how to remedy or prevent them
    • Discover how to make this a standard practice