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3D Multidisciplinary Plant Engineering Collaboration and Execution Using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

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    This class will cover the benefits of using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and how its software systems interact and interface. We’ll explore how to set up, model, establish, exchange, and maintain links between various AEC software using Xrefs, SMLX, and Link CAD tools, and discuss how to successfully deliver the final product to clients. Also, we’ll cover how each of these software systems collaborates and interfaces with other AEC software systems to keep your models up to date and maintain the overall project integrity. The AEC software that we’ll cover include AutoCAD software, Advance Steel software, AutoCAD Plant 3D software (piping), Revit software (concrete), AutoCAD MEP software (ducting), ReCap Pro software (scans), NW Manage (interface/clash detection), and Paneldes 3D (an add-on to AutoCAD for electrical cable trays). We’ll highlight some challenges encountered by some modelers from various industries who work on plant engineering projects, and provide best practices and tips to overcome these challenges and ease management and control of plant models.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn tips, workflows, and best practices to set up, manage, and optimize a 3D, multidisciplinary plant engineering model
    • Learn about plan, communicate, implement (PCI)—the three key words to succeed (each of these three processes will be detailed in depth)
    • Learn how to collaborate and interface with models of other disciplines, and share multidisciplinary data between AEC software successfully
    • Learn how to import a laser scan into any AutoCAD-based AEC software and visualize its data in AutoCAD and Navisworks