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3D Laser Scanning: Pioneering a New Approach to Maximize Contractor and Project Value

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    This class is a combination of a case study and the technical workflow that can be repeated on projects of all types. We will provide an in-depth review of how we are pushing the envelope of 3D laser scanning on a large commercial project in San Francisco with one of the city's most prominent builders. On this project, we took what started as a contractual obligation for the contractor to provide 3D laser-scan data to the owner for as-built documentation of post-tension cables, and turned it into a risk mitigation and tremendous value-adding effort for the contractor. Our team has perfected an overnight workflow previously viewed as "impossible" by many in the industry, letting us laser scan each deck the day before the concrete pour, process/register the scans, compare them to the intelligent models, and provide clear and actionable drawings to the field team, showing them where embeds, blockouts, and MEPs are out of tolerance, all in less than 24 hours and before concrete placement.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn a repeatable workflow: 3D laser scan, register, compare to BIM model, and produce actionable drawings in less than 24 hours
    • Learn how to mitigate contractor risk by harnessing 3D laser scan data in new ways
    • Learn how to save your projects potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on incorrect embeds, concrete forms, MEP inserts, and more
    • Learn about adopting available software designed to assist with the automatic comparison of 3D laser scans to the BIM models