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3D Coordination with Navisworks and ReCap 360: A Historic Sports Stadium Renovation

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    Doing 3D coordination can be challenging enough. Do it in a historic Chicago baseball stadium, which the team still needs to utilize, and "standard" workflows get tossed. Systems need to stay up and running. Fieldwork, observations, and verification of existing conditions can only happen during certain time frames. Some may opt to attempt to model the existing MEP/FP (mechanical, electrical, plumping, fire protection) conditions. However, when you have a very short time frame to get coordination done, coordinating with laser scan data comes into play. In this course, we will go over how we utilized laser scan data with Navisworks software and ReCap software to aid in our 3D MEP/FP coordination efforts. We’ll cover how we utilized ReCap files in Navisworks and vice versa (how we utilized Navisworks content in ReCap). There are some lessons learned and even some wish-list items that would make the process even better.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize ReCap files in Navisworks
    • Learn how to utilize Navisworks files in ReCap
    • Understand why survey control for laser scans is critical
    • Understand the pluses and minuses of doing clash detection with laser-scan data