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About advanced deployment options

When configuring deployment packages from Autodesk Account, there are advanced options you can select to change the composition of the package or install it in a location other than the default path.

Installation path

The installation path is where most of the application files will reside after installation.  Some user files or shared files may be stored in other folders depending on Windows standards for these types of files.  The default location is C:\Program Files\Autodesk or the equivalent for your operating system language.


To change the default path, enter a new folder location in the Installation Path field.  This field is required, and it must be a valid Windows folder path.

Install Autodesk desktop app

This option will install the Autodesk desktop app when it is selected. The Autodesk desktop app is a desktop component that is installed with Microsoft Windows-based Autodesk products (2017 and later). It delivers product updates, new releases, and security patches to subscribers.


This option is unchecked by default for Deployment packages.  It is not available for Install package types; Autodesk desktop app is automatically installed.

Use symbolic links

Selection of this option can reduce the size of multi-product deployments or installs by eliminating duplicate files within the installer.


It's selected by default for install packages used only on a single device. On the other hand, the option is unselected by default for deployment packages, due to potential issues with third-party tools like SCCM. To learn more, see Using Symbolic Links in Custom Installs and Deployments (US Site).

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