Are you ready for the Abu Dhabi Municipality BIM Mandate for Infrastructure Projects?

Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) has passed the Mandate of the use of BIM throughout the delivery of Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector projects in order to improve the standards, Methods and Procedures for all stakeholders involved.

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The guideline aims to reach Stage 2 maturity

The Processes and BIM requirements are in accordance with ISO 19650 standards and all companies must be ready as there will be no exception for BIM regardless of project sizes, stages or disciplines.

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Already working in BIM? Check your Maturity

Assess your current approach and see how much your organisation could benefit from shifting to BIM, whether it be improving design maturity, collaboration or increasing your competitive edge.

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Why move your teams to BIM workflows?

BIM enables your infrastructure teams to better coordinate their work, identify errors earlier, and deliver superior work that helps keep you ahead of the competition1.

  • 47% of firms increased their win rate
  • 49% of firms exceeded performance requirements
  • 67% of firms enhanced team collaboration
  • 68% of firms improved their ability to manage complexity

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AEC firms using BIM are experiencing these major benefits

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Accelerate business growth

  • Attract and retain top talent while diversifying services
  • Save time and money by identifying errors earlier in a 3D environment
  • Improve overall design quality and win rate
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Boost operation efficiency

  • Speed up design and shorten time to construction
  • Streamline project data management to refine handover
  • Enhance ability to manage project and workflow complexity
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Minimize risk

  • Manage design conflicts and accuracy between stakeholders
  • Reduce errors in structural loads and architectural analysis
  • Ensure project constructibility and contract agreement compliance
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“BIM is now our standard way of delivering projects. It’s now the case that BIM is used for most of what we do - it plays a powerful role in unifying and aligning our processes, standards and procedures.”

Juan Alberto Tena Florez
Regional Digital Design Manager, KEO Design Division

Check out how firms across the Middle East are connecting teams, data, and workflows using Autodesk BIM solutions.

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    Khansaheb, an 85 year old company and one of the leading construction and facilities management companies in the UAE, has fully embraced the benefits of digitisation for their business and clients.

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    Atkins and FAST Consortium are using Autodesk BIM solutions to design and deliver three lines of the Riyadh Metro.

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    Khatib & Alami

    How Khatib & Alami’s application of BIM helped achieve a time saving of 25% in the design stage, as it reimagines Kuwait’s busiest highway, the Fahaheel Expressway.

The new ADM BIM Mandate demonstrates the industry's shift to BIM. Equip your Infrastructure teams with the right technology and solutions to stay competitive.

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