Taking Cloud-Based Collaboration to the Sky: The Story of Defense Contractor TEN TECH LLC

Pooria Sohi Pooria Sohi February 18, 2020

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TEN TECH is one of those companies that has probably impacted your life in some capacity, but you’ve never heard of them. TEN TECH LLC is about 9 years old, starting life as a consulting company focusing on analytics, the company is the founding idea of William and his wife, who started Ten Tech in his home, in the guest bedroom, and then…their bedroom because the computer was generating too much heat for the guest room. A small detail that I personally love, as it just shows the hustle to get going, coupled with consideration for others! 


Who is TEN TECH today, and what do they do or make? 


The answer is essentially “yes” as their work has touched a plethora of things, quietly working in the background, that keep our lives going and comfortable, from medical technologies like heart valves to windmills for green energy, through to defense contracts too. As I said, TEN TECH works on so many things for so many industries, chances are their products has touched your life and you had no idea!





TEN TECH is a small company comprised of mechanical engineers, aerospace engineers, and 1 civil engineer, which enables them to produce a really fantastic varied outlook and view toward the projects they take on. This isn’t a group that formed straight out of college either, these are experts, who’ve worked on a lot, seen a lot, and know what works and doesn’t, without the fear or anxiety to try something new – therein lies their value to their customers: a balance of experience, and the willingness to try new things. 


TEN TECH first came to our attention with a blog post they wrote themselves, talking about how they’re now using Fusion 360, which came as a pleasant surprise to us. It’s not every day that you see a company with such an intense workload, producing such high spec products, take the time to tell the world about adopting a new CAD package, so we had to hit them up and hear all about it. Unfortunately, getting the full story from a company like TEN TECH can be a bit of a challenge, considering the nature of their work, we can’t really get into the specifics of what they’re designing, but we did learn a lot about why they chose Fusion 360! 


William tells me they started using Fusion 360 in October 2019, in connection with a UAV project and everyone felt at ease with the software from day one, already being proficient with a suite of other MCAD tools, Fusion 360 felt very easy to pick up, with just a few things taking more than 24 hours (what a short window of measurement to determine proficiency!!) to get comfortable with. The switch to Fusion 360 was driven by a number of things: the growth of the company, access to skills on a global scale, and wanting to get things done faster.


ten tech llc


What excites us personally is that this shows how things have evolved over time in manufacturing: the embrace of easy to use and deploy, cloud technologies are here to stay, and everyone is seeing the benefits. According to William “by shifting to Fusion 360, with a centralized cloud-stored dataset, we’re able to open up projects and expand the number of individuals working on any project in an ad-hoc fashion, bringing in the special skills and knowledge required to help develop these highly specialized projects.”


What is particularly exciting to us is how TEN TECH’s technologies are used in UAV sensor systems. Anything connected to defense requires an extreme level of rigor, design, engineering, and security; Ten Tech saw the vision we have with Fusion 360 and understood the extreme value of what they were doing. 


William added,  “Deployment to our Sensors Design Team, distributed across our LA and Nashua offices, took minutes, and the whole team was up to speed and designing UAS rugged sensors and subsystems within hours, mixing and matching legacy CAD models and supplier data with ease while designing natively around it.”  What a great testament to the power of global, cloud-based collaboration.


We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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