New Fusion 360 Subscription Types: Free Subscriptions for Hobbyists and Startups (2022 Update)

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki October 7, 2019

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To provide the best experience for all of the Fusion 360 communities, two new subscription types are being introduced: Fusion 360 for personal use and Fusion 360 for startups.

These new subscription types replace the existing hobbyist/startup subscription types but remain free for personal use and qualifying startups.

Effective today, Fusion 360 is available through the following four subscription types to address the needs of our multiple Fusion 360 communities: 

What does this mean for me?


Please, take a look below for information regarding your current subscription type and aligned offerings:

Fusion 360 commercial subscribers: No action is needed! There are no changes to your commercial subscription. You’ll continue to have access to everything Fusion 360 has to offer for as long as you continue to renew.

Fusion 360 for education: No action is needed! You will not see any change in your product access or features. Click here to learn more about Autodesk Terms of Use.  

Fusion 360 hobbyist/startup subscribers: Action is required by the end of your term! Effective today, the prior hobbyist/startup subscription type is no longer available for renewal or new subscriptions. “By the end of your existing term, you’ll need to choose from the subscription types below (Fusion 360 Personal vs. Startup):

For instructions on how to register for any of these subscription types, click here.  If you need more information regarding what capabilities and features are included with each subscription type, please see here.

To see an in-depth explanation of the various Fusion 360 license types, take a look at the following video:

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Get all the features and services that Fusion 360 has to offer, including:

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Prefer to speak with someone? Contact a Fusion 360 sales representative:

USA and Canada: +1 833 843 3437

JPN (Asia): +81 0800 080 4228

EMEA Hub: + 44 203 8722950

UK:  +44 8081 699659

Germany: +49 8941 207104

France: +33 1 75 85 05 80

Spain: +34 9312 25042

Italy: +39 0 212 4120560

*When you subscribe, your subscription may renew automatically for a fixed fee monthly or annually, subject to availability. All benefits and purchase options may not be available for all software or services in all languages and/or geographies. Subscription programs and benefits may vary and are subject to the applicable terms and conditions and/or terms of service.

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