Epic Journey to the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

ShannonMcGarry August 28, 2017 1 min read

When Elon Musk first released plans for the Hyperloop in 2013, imaginations ran wild with the possibilities for the future of transportation. And when SpaceX announced its Hyperloop Pod Competition, teams around the world put their imaginations to work on pod prototypes to be tested on SpaceX’s mile-long track in Hawthorne, California.


The initial round of competition in January 2017 was so successful that SpaceX is holding follow-up competitions for further testing on these proofs of concept. The Hyperloop Pod Competition II is set for August 25–27, 2017—and others are yet to be announced. Here, get to know two teams as they discuss the planning, collaboration, and engineering to compete in the competition.


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