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Avatar Bryce Heventhal October 25, 2018

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I’ve used and taught sheet metal tools from numerous CAD vendors. They each have their own benefits, but here are the two main reasons I would switch to using sheet metal design in Fusion 360:


  • One Flange Tool
  • Design to Manufacture

If you haven’t seen the announcement yet, we have consolidated Fusion 360’s multiple tiers into one product. What does this mean for you? Well, now with your subscription to Fusion 360, you will have access to all available functionality. In this post, we will take a deep dive into why you need to start using the sheet metal functionality inside Fusion 360.


One Flange Tool

Whether you have been bending sheet metal since the invention of the press brake or you just created your first flange, one flange command will improve your design process. Those traditional CAD tools out there make you memorize when to use different sheet metal commands in different situations. But let’s be honest, no designer or engineer wants to remember that you have to use a base flange on a closed profile. We just want to be able to get the job done. Fusion 360 folds 5 sheet metal flange commands (base, edge, contour, miter, and swept) into one flange command. The command is aware of what is being selected and will automatically switch to the right command.



Design to Manufacture

Not only can Fusion 360 bend up sheet metal, it can also take your design all the way through to manufacturing your part. After-all, a company’s goal isn’t to just create shapes in a CAD program. The goal is to create an actual physical product. Traditional CAD tools only take your sheet metal design from concept to dxf without integrating an expensive 3rd party add-in. But Fusion 360 doesn’t just integrate the process from design to flat pattern; Fusion 360 is the only tool to integrate design to manufacture. This integration ensures a design change made anywhere in the process, from concept to production, will reflect everywhere.





Now you get why Fusion 360’s sheet metal is different. Check out this video to see it in action.




So what are you waiting for? Try Fusion 360 for free today!


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