Sheet Metal Challenge Winners

promm September 7, 2017

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What an awesome Fusion 360 community we have!  There were so many great submissions, you really made it difficult to select the winners.  I would like to thank everyone who took time out of your lives to participated in the Fusion 360 sheet metal challenge #Fusion360sheetmetal.  Not only did inspire others by displaying what can be done with the newly released functionality, but it created a unique sense of pride among the team.

The Entries


Without further ado, I am honored to announce the winners of the contest.


1st place:  Eric Tremblay


2nd place:  Cesar Jacuinde


3rd place:  Bill Mullens


During the contest there was some great discussions and comments from the community I also wanted to share.


Portland, OR Meetup

We also had a meetup in Portland, OR where people were able to work on their designs.  We had a great turnout and the Fusion 360 team was impressed with what people were able to come up with in just an hour.


Stay Tuned

The next step is for us to go to Pier 9 with Eric, where we will make the bumper.  I can’t wait to share with you the process of manufacturing the bumper, along with the final design on the truck!




Mike Prom

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