• What it Takes to Manufacture a Design

    Here's what we learned from making the sheet metal challenge bumper. Do you incorporate manufacturing requirements into your design?

  • Sheet Metal Challenge Winners

    The sheet metal challenge results are in! Check out all the entries and see who will be going to San Francisco to manufacture their design.

  • Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Challenge

    One of our team members needs a new bumper for his truck and we need YOU to help design a new sheet metal bumper.

  • Sheet Metal Preview: Status Update

    Learn about what we currently have in the sheet metal preview, what's coming in our next update, and our plans for the future.

  • IdeaStation Update – June 2016

    This is how your idea goes from a post in the IdeaStation to a spanking new feature within Fusion 360.

  • Fusion 360 September and November Modeling Focus

    Over the last few updates we have slowed down - on purpose - to focus on reliability, performance and usability.  This is going to continue and we wanted to make sure we let know know so you can better understand what you are seeing (and not seeing) in modeling updates.