QUICK TIP: Unselectable Sketch Profiles

Marti Deans
by Marti Deans 3 years ago 1 min read

Have you ever dealt with problematic sketch profiles? In today’s QUICK TIP, Aaron has a closed sketch profile that isn’t cooperating when he tries to extrude it – even using other tricks like hiding other bodies and Select Other (click and hold).



First, take a look at the Sketch Palette, and find the “Show Profile” checkbox. Enabling this option highlights closed sketch profiles, and allows you to use them to create features. Note that if you don’t have this option enabled, you will not be able to use your sketch profiles to create features. Enabling “Show Profile” allows that closed profile to be selected, and now the revolve works with no problems. If your “Show Profile” is already enabled and your sketch still isn’t cooperating, check out this post on Sketch Troubleshooting for more tips.


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