QUICK TIP: Sketch Troubleshooting

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin May 8, 2018

1 min read

A while back we posted a popular series of QUICK TIPs labeled as “Sketch Gems”, “Sheet Metal Gems” and a few others. These performed well, and the reaction was positive, but what we’ve found is that as they get further and further back in the archive, they’re harder to find. With that in mind, we’ve started breaking these out into individual videos so that they’re easier to revisit and find for new users.


In this example, we pulled out a tip related to troubleshooting sketch issues using a technique passed down from the creator of Fusion 360, Kevin Schneider. Using this ‘divide and conquer’ technique –and sometimes-subtle clues in the UI– we hope to give you new methods to root out and resolve these problems.



I hope this helps, and that you can find and re-watch these at a later time with more ease with the new formatting/description.



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