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Aaron.Magnin July 26, 2016 1 min read

If you haven’t checked our new(ish) educational materials on our webpage, you should. There are video-based lessons there to help get you started with different design techniques and workspaces….but that’s not really what this QUICK TIP is about. This QUICK TIP is about some unique capabilities within these lessons that I wanted to make sure everyone knew about.


First, a little bit of background. The videos on that page are hosted on Wistia, a video hosting service similar to YouTube. Part of the reason we’re hosting these on Wistia is because it opens up some new possibilities for us; for instance, by using this service we can add links within the videos that go outside of the YouTube domain. This gives us the ability to send you to things like help pages and forum posts to help compliment the material, but the most exciting thing is that we can also use these links to easily share the files featured in the videos. The files we’ve shared should be at a point in the design similar to where the lessons starts, allowing you to work along with it, greatly enhancing the learning experience for those of us who ‘learn by doing’.


The one problem with these links is that they are somewhat inconspicuous. With this QUICK TIP, I highlight where to find these links, and what they’ll do for you. Check it out below:



As you may also note, we recently added a great deal more content to this page, found when clicking “learn more” at the bottom of each section. However, they’re SO new that we’re still working to fix a bug related to playing these videos with the Chrome Browser. Happy to report they will work with Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, so make sure to check these out, and hopefully the Chrome issue is resolved shortly.








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