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Pooria Sohi April 24, 2020 2 min read


Sometimes the simplest solutions have much bigger stories behind them. Take, for example, The Base for iMac by Nack Studio. It’s hard not to just appreciate it as an object. Not to mention how it solves the problem it addresses. Having your screen at the correct height for eye level is critical to modern work, as we spend more and more time behind our desks! The iMac is an amazing machine, but as Nack rightfully points out, there is no vertical adjustment available. Hence, The Base for iMac. 





While the Base seems like a very basic item it’s made with drafted angles from a single block; thus machining this is not so easy. Justin Brouillette, Nack company founder, shared with us a little about the process.


The base design is parametric. Enabling Nack to easily produce numerous iterations. This is especially important when working on a product such as this, a static base that will be made for various heights. Nack easily iterated different changes to the design. Making quick updates to CAM in order to adjust the way it was machined for added features. Switching things up for new fixturing and improvements in general. Nack uses the Fusion 360 Manufacturing Workspace to optimize their work. Creating added work offsets to machine multiple instances of the stand at one time and scale up from prototyping to production.






“In the process of designing a new product like this the capability of having everything all in one software was priceless,” Justin said when asked why Nack uses Fusion 360. If you’ve been reading these blog posts lately, it’s probably something you’ve noticed as thematic with all the customers we speak to! Flexibility and speed are the two things most people tell us to keep them at camp Fusion 360. Expanding on this, Justin says “Quick design changes were rendered and shared on our social media and email lists to gauge reactions. That’s valuable to not even need to fabricate anything to gauge interest in a product. It’s also valuable for our team to visualize grain patterns and overall aesthetic with 3D materials.”


 iMac Base Machined Wood


Who doesn’t love those 3D wood textures? This workflow is extremely valuable and becoming progressively a new normal. Before committing to anything, get a gauge on your existing customer base, or the internet in general. Take the responses on your ideas, and adjust them before you get to manufacturing!


Keep on making, even the simplest of objects have stories behind them.  Start manufacturing your next ‘priceless’ products.  Download Fusion 360 today.




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