Model of the Month – January

by ShannonMcGarry 4 years ago 1 min read

Congratulations to Anne and her digital calipers. The winner of the Fusion 360 model of the month. Hear more from Anne, her design and experience using Fusion 360.




Hi everyone! My name is Anne Pauley, and I’m currently working towards a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Penn State University. Last year I received my bachelor’s degree, also at Penn State, with a double major in mechanical engineering and music.


Caliper12I started using Fusion 360 about two years ago, and loved it more than any of the other programs I had used before. Even though I’m a mechanical engineer, I started modeling in Fusion because of how easy it is to make organic sculpted forms. I also love rendering in Fusion, especially glass, and my favorite models that I’ve made have been glass art pieces.Caliper2


The inspiration for my digital caliper model came from my own pair of calipers. Ironically, I had to find another pair of calipers to measure them for the model! My goal for this model was to make it as close as possible to reality, right down to the engraved markings and joints. This was a really cool project because it’s easy to forget how much engineering goes into even relatively simple tools.


For the last several months I’ve had the amazing opportunity to intern with Autodesk as a Fusion Catalyst, helping students learn Fusion 360 and working on some awesome CAD projects. I can’t thank my friends at Autodesk enough for their endless support.


After finishing my master’s degree I hope to continue CAD modeling professionally, and would love to work as a designer in the entertainment industry where I can integrate my love of both music and engineering. You can check out my other models on my Fusion Gallery page and my Instagram.

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