Model of the Month – April

by ShannonMcGarry 4 years ago 2 min read

Congratulations to Michael Ramos and his Millennium Force Wheel Assembly, winner of the Fusion 360 model of the month. Learn more about Michael, his design, use of Fusion 360 and future projects he has planned.



About me

Hi, my name is Michael Ramos. I am a digital artist currently residing in Santa Clarita, CA. I primarily focus on hard surface modeling and 3D concept art.


One of my main passions in life is BMX. I have been riding for 14 years and enjoy pushing myself in a sport I absolutely love. I find that the creative process of art and BMX intertwine due to the individuality of both activities. Bikes and roller coasters have always interested me because of their functionality in regards to the human body.  BMX allows you to do tricks and maneuvers similar to what you experience on a roller coaster.  Over the years of riding, I can turn what I have experienced into a function of a design.


Fusion 360 usage & workflow

It has been roughly a year and a half since I have started learning and using Fusion 360. I have discovered the capabilities of working in a CAD environment versus polygonal modeling. Fusion 360’s parametric pipeline has given me the ability to create models more accurately and efficiently. The pipeline gives me greater flexibility with the generation of ideas and designs for my modeling process.


During the modeling process, I like to do my research first so that I fully understand what it is that I am trying to recreate. I gather photo references, documents relating to model or object, and take this information to a sketchbook. I then take the traditional route by drawing on paper so that I can get a grasp on what I am looking at. This allows me to decipher what components work together before I begin the modeling process. Efficiency and time are a key part in my workflow. The simplicity of Fusion 360 allows me to have a very targeted approach in my creative process.




About the Millennium Force wheel assembly

I chose to model one of Intamin AG’s Millennium Force wheel assemblies out of my curiosity and appreciation for roller coasters. Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is one many coasters designed by Intamin AG that has set many records for its height and speed since its inception in 2000.


I wanted to immerse myself in the design process of the train. In doing so, I researched and collectively gathered references of Intamin AG’s roller coasters.  I wanted reinvigorate my fascination for roller coasters from when I was younger.  I am now able to recreate this nostalgic feeling of what it would be like to design a ride. This wheel assembly is one part of the entire Millennium Force train project that I am currently working on. This project is also part of a series of roller coasters that I am recreating in the future.


I really appreciate and want to thank everyone at Autodesk for giving me this opportunity for the model of the month. More information on my work can found at my website or on my Instagram and Tumblr pages.

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