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Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin December 18, 2018

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If you’re an industrial designer,  you know the pain of watching your design get changed to compensate for manufacturability, tolerance, and other hard requirements. While Fusion 360 will certainly not remove these needs, it will more closely connect the engineered product, with that of the conceptual intent; by working in the same tool those downstream adjustments will be simpler to enact, resulting in less deviation. Lets see some of the ways industrial design in Fusion 360 will change the way you approach your next project…


Work from Sketches

If you think hand sketches are going away, you know nothing about the mindset of an industrial designer. When they’re at their most creative, they do not want any barrier between their minds eye and their hands. As a software company, we’d like to pretend that that has been achieved with our tools, but that simply isn’t the case. Luckily, you can quickly and easily take those hand drawn sketches from paper, to 3d models in no time. Just insert a canvas or two, calibrate for rough sizing, and you’re off to the races…



Press and Pull Shapes with Sculpt

Using those sketches as a guide, you can then jump into the sculpt workspace to turn those early concepts into 3d models. With the sculpt workspace in Fusion 360, you’ll no longer need to make 4 sketches and 3 planes to make what should be a simple shape:


Using sculpting, you’ll be able to make this same shape in seconds. Start with a cylinder, then push, pull, and stretch to get that shape done. 


Easy Downstream Edits!

Perhaps the best part about sculpting models –rather than using sketches and guide curves– isn’t the upfront time savings. Instead, when you need to make those unavoidable changes later on, you don’t worry about having to find and change the various sketches that contributed to that shape. Just edit the sculpt feature at any time in the history to press and pull those faces to accommodate changing requirements. And because your industrial design concept is a part of the same tool and sharing the same history, all the downstream features will update in seconds! 


You’ll find ample opportunity to use this incredible design method that goes far beyond just industrial design too. 


Now you get why Fusion 360’s integrated industrial design, CAD, and CAM will change the way you bring designs to market. Check out this video to see it in action:



So what are you waiting for? Try Fusion 360 for free today!








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