So You’ve Purchased Autodesk Fusion: Here’s How to Set Up Your Fusion Hub

Shayne Prichard Shayne Prichard January 17, 2024

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What’s a Fusion Hub? How do you make sure your team is in the same Hub? Follow this guide to achieve a seamless Autodesk Fusion onboarding experience for your team. 

You’ve recently purchased Autodesk Fusion for your team – now what? Your goal is to get everyone in the same Fusion Hub and collaborate from the start. Here’s how to get there. 

How to set up your Fusion hub tutorial

How to join or create a Fusion Hub

During the installation process, you are asked to either join an existing Fusion Hub or create a new one. This ensures you have a location to save designs right away. Setting up a new Fusion Hub is usually performed by an administrator or someone responsible for providing access to design data. 
Note that this experience is the same for your users. During their installation, they too are asked to either join a Hub or create a new Hub of their own. You want to avoid them creating their own Hubs because when multiple Hubs are created, your users are prevented from collaborating in a single Fusion Hub—one of the many reasons you selected Fusion in the first place. 

More importantly, your users may unintentionally become the administrators and owners of your company’s data because they have created their own Hub to which you do not have access. 

How do you avoid this scenario? It’s quite simple: before you assign your Fusion subscriptions to your users, first invite them to your Fusion Hub. This ensures your users have the same centralized location to store their files. 

By inviting users to your Hub first and then assigning them a subscription, you ensure they land in the right place to start working. There will be no need to consolidate multiple Fusion Hubs later on.

How do I make sure my team joins my Fusion Hub?

Here are the recommended steps for onboarding new users to your Hub: 

  1. Select the appropriate administrator/owner to install Fusion for the first time. 
  2. During this installation, you are prompted to create your Fusion Hub. 
  3. Select a name that your users will recognize. Don’t worry – you can change your Hub name at any time. 
  4. Access Fusion administration: Navigate to your Fusion Hub & Navigate to the administration settings. 
  5. Select the Members and Roles tab. 
  6. Select Invite. 
  7. Enter or copy and paste your users’ email addresses. 
  8. Select Invite.
  9. Your users will then receive an email invite from Since this is an automated email, please ensure that your users look for it in their spam or junk folders just in case.
  10. Your users may select to join your Hub right away, which is okay! They will go through the process of installing Fusion at this point and start a 30-day trial. The good news is they will not be prompted to create their own additional Fusion Hub.
  11. Assign Fusion subscriptions to your users. Once you have assigned each user a Fusion subscription, any user that installed Fusion prior to obtaining a subscription will have their trial converted to an active subscription the next time they open Fusion. 

Just a reminder, the first user to install Fusion and create your company’s Fusion Hub may not be an actual administrator. You may not want them to be an administrator or have control over your company’s design data. It is recommended to select the right user as the administrator and owner to create the Hub. 

The good news is that other Fusion administrators will be able to modify a user’s access at any time. 

Check out this step-by-step tutorial, where we’ll take you through the entire process:

Smooth sailing from here on out

A smooth onboarding process is crucial after purchasing Fusion for your team. To ensure effective collaboration and avoid data ownership issues, it’s essential to guide your team through the right steps. By inviting users to join your Fusion Hub before assigning subscriptions, you create a centralized location for collaboration. This not only prevents the creation of multiple Hubs but also safeguards against unintentional data ownership by individual users.  

Following the recommended steps for onboarding, including selecting the appropriate administrator, inviting users to the Fusion Hub, and assigning subscriptions, sets the foundation for a seamless and efficient workflow. Remember, taking the time to establish the right Fusion Hub setup initially eliminates the need for future consolidations and ensures a cohesive working environment for your team.

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