Get more from automatic preview renderings

Avatar schneik February 24, 2014

1 min read

Here are some ideas on using the rendered images.

In your dashboard navigate to the details page of your design. After a second the automatic generated Preview renderings will appear. 

Select an image and from the thumbnails then click the green flyout on the thumbnail and choose Download ImageNow you have the image to use in e-mail, presentations or wherever.


If you want to add different or more camera angles; add more named views inside the Fusion 360 design.

named views.png

These cameras will be automatically rendered for each new version you create ensuring you have nice visuals at a moments notice.  These images are all computed server-side and won’t tie up your local cpu.  You won’t find that any where else!

I downloaded a few and used them to spruce up some gallery designs.



If you ever want to work directly with your renderings you can log into  to review or create larger versions as needed.


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