• What’s Driving Fusion 360’s Rapid Pace of Development?

    You may have noticed that things are busy around here. There are more new Fusion 360 community participants joining each week than ever before. With all the new faces and as we near AU 2015, it’s a great time to check in and review Fusion 360’s core principles.

  • November Update Preview

                 Want to know more about what is coming in November's update? Here is a preview on the changes for the up coming release.There are changes coming to Form, Function and Fabrication. Improvements in Data and Collaboration, Help and API.

  • A one year anniversary

     This weekend we pushed another update. It was our tenth update since we went live last year. It's actually just a few days past our 1 year birthday.  

  • Bringing a design back to life using Fusion 360

    Ever get a model that is so badly patched and stitched together that you can't get it to behave? There are some simple tricks to take that frakenstein part and whip it back into shape. Take a few minutes and watch this three part video post where we take a mess of a model and bring…

  • Develop3D Live was April 15th and a few of us were there

    I attended the 3rd anual Develop3D live confrence.I captured a few pictures and thoughts from the day.

  • Fusion 360 is different than the rest (Discuss)

    Fusion 360 is working to help you design differently.  There is plenty of talk going on about what people want and need from their design tools.  Over the last weeks I have been watching a thread in the Solidworks forum and thought we would set a few things straight.  

  • Get more from automatic preview renderings

    Want nice renderings for your models? Looking for that eye catching image to use in the Fusion 360 Gallery? Use the automaticaly gennerate preview images from your dashboard.

  • What’s happening next with Fusion 360

    An update on our next release and peek into how we are balancing the work to polish Fusion 360 with laying big pieces of the foundation for future capabilities.