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Shannon McGarry Shannon McGarry June 6, 2014

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FusionNews highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community and key news from the industry. New posts every Friday.



Your Ideas from the Fusion IdeaStation:


Highlight selected part in timeline

Idea for when one when clicks a part in a model that the corresponding “form” would highlight in the timeline like it does in the browser.


F360 on an ipad?

New idea to create a Fusion 360 app for iPads and tablets


Name parts in a timeline

Request to have some type of naming correlation between the items in the history timeline and those in the browser.


ACME thread type

Idea to add ACME threads to the thread options in the thread dialog box


Share your idea, product requests and vote for features that you want to see implemented on IdeaStation.



From The Fusion Team:


Fusion 360 In-depth: Web Command

Learn more about how the Fusion 360 web command allows for parts to maintain thin, uniform wall-thicknesses and increase rigidity.


Fusion 360 In-depth: CAM

The recent release of CAM for Fusion 360 now gives you the ability to machine complex parts with sculptures or organic shapes and surfaces.


Autodesk Screencast is now available

Capture and share what you know. Screencast is a new (FREE) service from Autodesk which provides you with a means to document and share your own product workflow knowledge. You can showcase your expertise, and in-turn, allow other users in the worldwide community to learn from you. Share your Screencasts with friends or send directly to your colleagues. Anyone anywhere can record an amazing video at any time.


Register for our Live Classroom event next week

“Fusion 360 Live Classroom: The Basics” – June 10th @1pm PDT: We will walk you through a complete modeling task including creating 2D sketches, outlining the initial shape using sculpting & surfacing modeling strategies, then integrate solid modeling tasks & visualization techniques into the final model.


Take part in Oregon Manifest’s Trophy Design Contest

Use Fusion 360 to design the trophy that we’ll 3D print & present to the winning design firm, the bike builder and the winning trophy designer. Have some fun using Fusion, win a 3D printed trophy, and get some rather public recognition for your winning design! Post your design to the Fusion 360 Gallery by July 2nd.



Gallery Spotlight:



Square Watch by Adam Molnar



Butterfly by Cassidy Bergeron


Car-Nathan.jpgNCS Coupe GT Concept by Nathan Skalsky


RedRobot.jpgRed Robot by Weili Liu



Vibration Headphones by Erica Nwankwo





Wearable Technology in the Manufacturing Workplace

Wearable technology has the potential to transform manufacturing processes, improve productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance employee engagement.


Brain-controlled exoskeleton will enable paralyzed teen to kick the first ball at this year’s World Cup

A paralyzed Brazilian teen will have the opportunity to kick the first ball to begin the 2014 World Cup, all thanks to a motorized exoskeleton and a 3D-printed helmet with electrodes that can read the wearer’s neural signals.


Radio Shack Teams Up With PCH International To Create A Retail Pipeline For Hardware Startups

Radio Shack is teaming up with hardware manufacturer and accelerator PCH International to bring 6 square-foot “Powered by PCH” retail spaces to stores in the US. These areas will feature hardware startups that work directly with PCH’s accelerator, PCH Access, to bring their products to the retail market after incubation.


Where New Wave Manufacturing Is Headed
Carl Bass of Autodesk on How 3-D Printing Will Move Far Beyond Prototypes


Google’s secretive 3D-mapping project now has a tablet: here it is

Google just unveiled a tablet prototype equipped with 3D-sensors and a motion-tracking camera.



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