FusionNews for the week of 6/19: A weekly roundup of community + industry news

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FusionNews highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community and news from the industry. New posts every Friday.




From the Fusion Team


PRODUCT UPDATE – June Product Update Preview

The next Fusion 360 update is tomorrow. Check out the top highlights of what to expect.


TIP – From SOLIDWORKS to Fusion 360: My First 2 Weeks

Get some great insight from an ex-Solidworks user on successfully making the transition to Fusion 360.


TIP – Importing Parts Using McMaster-Carr Fusion 360

See how to easily import mechanical parts directly into Fusion 360 from the McMaster-Carr part catalog.


TIP – “Render in Save” in Fusion

This quick video will show you how to see a new version of your rendering every time you save your file.


CUSTOMER STORY – Keyboardio  Kickstarts Its Elegant, Hackable Ergonomic Keyboard

Check out how this keyboard is one of a kind!




CUSTOMER STORY – Meet Chomp: BattleBots Tested, Fusion 360 Approved!

The Fusion 360 team is proud to sponsor Chomp, a 250 pound wrecking machine entering the ring on the fighting robot show BattleBots, starting on 6/21 on ABC.


ANNOUCEMENT- Fusion 360 Referral Program

Get a free month of Fusion for every referral you make!




ONLINE EVENT – Fusion 360 Live Classroom: The Basics

Join us on June 30th at 1 pm PDT to learn everything you need to know to get started using Fusion 360.


RECORDED EVENT – Fusion 360 Live Classroom: 3D Printing

If you weren’t able to attend the 3D printing live webinar, here’s the live recording! Thanks again to James Alday, one of our Community members for hosting this event.


Gallery Spotlight

We love to see what you are designing with Fusion 360! Share your designs with the Fusion community on the Gallery.


Violin.png          Watch.png          OpposedEngine.png

                      Violin by Hector Cepeda                           Watch by Pierre Masson         4 Cylinder Engine by Zachary Sharpell


News from around the manufacturing innovation space


Stretchy ‘Origami Batteries’ Could Power Smart Clothing

Scientists are developing flexible electronics that could potentially make their way into clothing and even our bodies.


Dyson has developed an LED lamp that lasts for 37 years

Dyson has developed a lamp they think can last for almost 4 decades due to cooling technology inside the bulb.


Next Apple Watch Hardware Could Reportedly Get FaceTime Video

Will the next version of the Apple watch include a built-in camera that allows for FaceTime video calling?


Bartesian: The capsule-style drink machine for your cocktails

The Bartesian takes the concept of a capsule drink-maker and applies it to cocktails for a perfect mix, every time.


A Robot is going to 3D print a bridge in Amsterdam

MX3D has developed robots that can print plastic and metal in all kinds of shapes.




Your Ideas from the Fusion IdeaStation


We take your suggestions very seriously as they help to shape Fusion 360, so please share your ideas and vote for new 

features / enhancements you would like to see.


Here are a few from this week. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!


Draw Sketch on Surface

Request to have the ability to draw a sketch directly on a surface in order to have more control over curve placement.


Smooth/Relax Tool for Sculpting with T-Splines

Request to have the ability to smooth portions of a T-spline cage mesh without necessary smoothing the whole thing.


Freely Move + Rotate Construction Plane

Request to give a user the option to create a cplane then then allow the designer to freely move and rotate it along x y z.


Tell us about yourself


Have a story to share? We would love to hear more about you and how you’re using Fusion 360! Shoot me an email at shannon.mcgarry@autodesk.com

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