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Shannon McGarry Shannon McGarry June 13, 2014

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Fusion News highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community

and news from the industry. New posts every Friday.





Your Ideas from the Fusion IdeaStation


Give me the option of not naming each saved version

Request to have the option to manually save at any given time without naming each version, outside of

relying solely on Autosave.


OBJ export without auto tesselation

Idea to have the exporter only tessellate when requested.


Patch Trim/Split with delete face option for timeline

Request to have a trim command which allows one to tell Fusion 360 what to keep and what to discard.


Split face selection: all faces by clicking on body in browser

New idea to allow one to have the ability to select a body in the browser and have Fusion 360 automatically

select all faces at once.


Share your ideas and product requests and vote for features that you want to see implemented on IdeaStation.



From the Fusion Team


EVENT – San Francisco Fusion 360 Meetup

In or around the Bay area? Register to join us on Thursday, June 26th at Pier 9 for our first Fusion 360 Meetup.

Get a tour of the shop, show off your projects, and meet the Fusion product team that will be on hand with tips

and to answer any questions you may have.


EVENT – Register for our Live Classroom event next week

“Fusion 360 Live Classroom: Make it with CAM” – June 17th @1pm PDT: Learn how you can use this new

milling CAM solution for your 2-1/2 axis (2.5D) machining projects.


COLLABORATION – Autodesk Screencast is now available

Capture and share what you know about Fusion 360. Screencast is a new (FREE) service that provides you

with a means to document and share your own Fusion product workflow knowledge. Showcase your expertise,

and in turn allow other users in the community to learn from you.

BONUS – Check out this video created by one of our Product Managers, Keqing Song, on how to get started.


CONTEST – Take part in Oregon Manifest’s Trophy Design Contest

Share your Fusion 360 skills and design a trophy that we’ll 3D print & present to the winning team and the

trophy designer. Have some fun using Fusion, win a 3D printed trophy, and get some public recognition for

your winning design!

Post your design to the Fusion 360 Gallery with the hashtag #bikedesignprojecttrophy by July 2nd.


BLOG – Make it Real: Exporting DXF and STL from Fusion 360

Bring your designs to life by exporting DXF and STL formats to then 3D print.


BLOG – Making it Look Good: Apply and Edit materials in Fusion360

Learn more about adding, editing and removing/replacing materials.



Gallery Spotlight


Ring.png   Speaker.png   Speaker.png

 My first ring by David Finlay            Sound System by Gus Petrikas                 Cup by Eric Thomas


Check out more designs on the Gallery and share some of your own.


News from around the manufacturing innovation space


Starting a Maker Pro Company, with Sally Carson, Pinoccio

Sally Carson tells the story of how makers can now build successful niche products using crowdfunding,

grass-root marketing & online tools.


In Good Taste: 3D Printing With Nutella

A new 3D printer add-on from Structure3D opens the door for you to print more than just inedible plastics.


Supply Chain 101 for Hardware Entrepreneurs

Learn more about why creating a well architecture supply chain can be one of the most powerful assets

when building a successful hardware company.


Local Motors Has Chosen Strati to Become the First Fully 3D Printed Car

Local Motors intends to 3D print a car from scratch as this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show.


Control VR’s wearable tech breaks barrier between reality and the virtual world
Control VR has created a wearable technology that consists of a pair of gloves, arm cuffs, and a chest plate,

with a motion-capturing systems that tracks and registers one’s movement down to the finger.



Got something for next week’s recap? Email Shannon McGarry at shannon.mcgarry@autodesk.com.



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