FusionNews for the week of 11/14: A weekly roundup of community + industry news

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FusionNews highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community and news from the industry. New posts every Friday.




From the Fusion Team


ANNOUNCEMENTNovember Update Preview

The next product release is coming out on Saturday, the 15th. Get a preview of what’s to come.


ANNOUNCEMENT – Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate Roadmap into next year

Check out what’s coming in December, February, and April.


TIP CAM for Fusion 360: Engraving a Logo & Working with Surfaces in CAM Toolpaths

Here’s a great video tip by Curt Chan, one of our Fusion 360 Evangelists, that shows you how to import a logo and engrave it on a part.


TIPHow to manually clear the upload dialog in Fusion 360

Here’s a quick tip on how to remove any “stalled” uploads.


RESOURCE – Fusion 360 Learning Guide

Here’s a great guide that outlines learning material, important links, tutorials, plugins and more.






LIVE EVENTAutodesk 2014 University

There is still time to register for AU! While you’re at it, be sure to download the Mobile App and sign up for some of our Fusion 360 events. Here’s a look at what’s in store:


Fusion 360 Bridging Concept Design and Mechanical Design (Lab)

Living the Autodesk 360 Life

Fusion 360 Extensibility

CAM for Intermediate and Advanced Users

Interactive Cloud Visualization in Autodesk 360


ONLINE EVENT – Fusion 360 Live Classroom: Make it with CAM

Join us on November 18th at 1:00pm PDT to learn how to use CAM for your 2-1/2 axis (2.5D) machining projects.


ONLINE EVENTFusion 360 Live Classroom: The Basics

New to Fusion 360? Join us on November 25th at 1:00pm PDT to get introduced to the Fusion experience!


LIVE EVENTCollege Night

Are you a student in the Bay Area? The Autodesk Gallery is hosting College Night: Big Ideas on November 20th. Bring your best ideas and see how technology is changing the way entrepreneurs think.


Gallery Spotlight

We love to see what are users are designing with Fusion360! Share your designs with the Fusion community on the Gallery.


Sword.jpg   Serpic.jpg   Bangle.jpg

                    Master Sword by Ryan Otero                           Elemento Serpic by Hector Cepeda                      Perpetual Bangle by Kingson Lee   


News from around the manufacturing innovation space


5 Manufacturing Trends that will Shape the Market in 2015

Take a look at emerging trends that will impact 21st century manufacturing around the globe.


How 3D printing could revolutionize burn treatment

3D printers like these could be in hospitals and helping burn patients within five years.


Internet-connected battery turns your old smoke detector into a smart one

Check out Roost’s smart battery for your existing smoke detector.


Impossible electric bike folds up to fit in a backpack

This 11 pound, 17 inch tall bike can easily fit in your backpack. How cool!


This Beautiful Swiss Watch Is a Fitness Tracker in Disguise

This more traditional looking watch tracks your steps, sleep, calories burned, and distance traveled.


Your Ideas from the Fusion IdeaStation


We take our user’s ideas very seriously so please share your requests for new features / enhancements on the IdeaStation.

We have received 20 new ideas in the past week. Keep ‘em coming!




Text Engraving

New idea to have a true monoline fonts in CAM for Fusion.


Product team – “Single stroke fonts are what is needed to get a good engraving path. How many fonts and styles do would you need?.”

“The CAM team is aware of requests about engraving, and expect to see more functionality in the future.”


Sketching on non-planar faces

New idea to be able to sketch directly on a non-planar face


Product team – “We are actually working on putting this functionality into Fusion. The plan right now is to have it in the next few releases.”


Tell us about Yourself


Have a story to share? We would love to hear more about you and how you’re using Fusion 360! Shoot me an email at shannon.mcgarry@autodesk.com


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