Fusion Team FAQs

by Shayne Prichard 2 years ago 2 min read

Just wanted to share some of the questions that have come up regarding our most recent June 2019 Product Update – What’s New blog post that mentioned updates to Data Management.  I will be expanding this list, so please bookmark and come back.


I have a Fusion 360 subscription, so do I need a Fusion Team subscription too?

No, your Fusion 360 subscription includes Fusion Team.  When you access your products and services in Manage Accounts, you will now see that Fusion Team is included!


When you say access to Fusion Team, what does that really mean? 

Your subscription of Fusion 360 is assigned to your Autodesk ID and follows you.  So, this means that you can access as many Fusion Teams that you have been invited to. 


Why is my Fusion 360 showing expired?  I purchased a Fusion 360 Team – Packs subscription.

Definitely, we created some major confusion with the naming and we realize that now.  We understand that when someone is looking to purchase a subscription of Fusion 360, some of you may have landed on the Fusion Team subscription page.  Fusion Team is our data management platform.  We are currently in the process of updating the buying experience to add clarity to what you are purchasing.


Ok, I went through the process of transferring my projects.  Now they don’t show up in Fusion 360.  Where did the projects go? 

Please ensure that you have switched your Team to your newly created Fusion Team.


New! Team Switcher in Data Panel

Select HERE for What’s New details



Not all of my projects will transfer, why is that? 

For security purposes, this process only allows you to transfer personal projects that you own.  If you have been invited to other personal projects, then the owner of those projects will be required to perform the transfer.


Wait, I selected the link to start the transfer and can’t continue for some reason?



We made an assumption that you own and have created at least one project.  If this is not the case, then please create one empty project to proceed.  


Before I transfer my projects, I would like to know who has access to my projects once the transfer is compete?

Only users that you have explicitly invited to your projects will have access.





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