Fusion 360 September and November Modeling Focus

promm August 24, 2015

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With the number of Fusion 360 users growing faster than ever before, we are learning about where users are successful and where they need more help.  In the early stages of developing a new product you work hard to build out core features, and in the area of modeling, the team has been banging away for some time. Here is a sampling of recent improvements, many of these ideas came directly from the forums and IdeaStation.


 Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.16.37 PM.png


Here’s a link to our What’s New archive


Over the last few updates we have slowed down – on purpose – to focus on reliability, performance and usability.  This is going to continue and we wanted to make sure we let you know so you can better understand what you’re seeing (and not seeing) in modeling updates.


Here is how we see this break down

  1. Reliability – Mainline tools should work and work consistently.
  2. Performance – Using customer datasets and analytics to create base points, we set target goals.
    1. Focused on customer datasets to find what features are taking the longest to compute
    2. Focused on areas like startup performance, version creation and translation.
  3. Usability – Observing customers as they use Fusion 360 has allowed us to find gaps, issues and areas where more information is needed.
    1. Enhance features that users give feedback on lacking discoverability.
    2. New Training materials and workflows will provide users with the guidance you are requesting.
    3. IdeaStation

The entire Fusion 360 team prides itself on our customer engagement.  We hope you see this in our forum responsiveness, blog posts and direct interaction.

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