Fusion 360 Model of the Month – October

by ShannonMcGarry 5 years ago 2 min read

Congratulations to Juan Alexander, the Model of the Month winner for October! He has created this sophisticated Quadcopter. Hear more from Alexander, his background, experience using Fusion 360, and what lies ahead.




About me

My name is Juan Alexander Badia Garces. I am 28 years old and am a student in my final year of Aerospace Engineering studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. My focus is in air navigation and I find myself most interested in UAV’s and how to make them easier to use and control.


Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with aircraft and flying. With each new project I undertake, I try to push the limits of creativity, while at the same time turning my ideas into a reality. I love designing and building new aircraft for both civil and military aviation.




About the Quadcopter

The technological advances in drones are very important in my career and studies. I am intrigued by these devices and how their technology is continually evolving. Thus, I decided to design a drone that was innovative and sophisticated, yet marketable and can compete with others in the industry such as the INSPIRE1.




Why Fusion 360,

In my studies, I have used a variety of CAD programs, which include Siemens NX9, Inventor, CATIA V5, AutoCAD and Fusion 360. For this specific project I decided to use Fusion 360 based upon the recommendations of a fellow classmate. I was immediately fascinated by the ease of design. Fusion 360 is much easier and way more intuitive as compared to other CAD packages I have used, and it’s perfect for both 2D and 3D design. I love that you can move parts without affecting other parts in your project, as well as the rendering and animation capabilities. I am also impressed with the role of assemblies and how without having to leave the project or load another, you can directly join the pieces you are creating. Overall, Fusion 360 is an integral part of my toolkit and something all engineers and designers should consider.


Future Plans

My next project will be an unmanned fixed-wing, powered by combustion for military applications, seeking maximum autonomy, low weight and high strength, all in an effort to help take unmanned aircraft to the next step! Follow me on the Fusion 360 Gallery to take a look at my projects moving forward.

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