Fusion 360 Model of the Month – August

Shannon McGarry Shannon McGarry August 31, 2015

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Congratulations to Jinwoo, the Model of the Month winner for August! He has created this gorgeous “Tea Time” set. Hear more from Jinwoo, about himself, his background, experience using Fusion 360 and what lies ahead.




About Me

My name is Jinwoo Lee. I live in Seoul, Korea and am a Mechanical Engineering student at Hongik University with a focus on fluid and thermodynamics. Recently, I have become most interested in Product Design and plan to get my masters degree and one day hope to become a professional designer. I am also an Autodesk Student Expert.


Why Fusion 360?

I was first introduced to Fusion 360 in a 3D printing workshop last year and later took a design class that focused on conceptual design, sketching and 3D modeling. I was chosen as the team lead to work on a group project and through this first project, along with trial and error quickly became very proficient with the tool.  Here are the first two Fusion 360 models I worked on:



Fusion 360 has a very simple and intuitive user interface. It allows me to quickly materialize an idea or concept and turn it into reality. I also really enjoy the fact that Fusion 360 is optimized for 3D printing. For me, Fusion 360 has opened the door to endless possibilities in the world of design and is now the only CAD product that I use.




Why I designed Team Time?

I designed “Tea Time” as part of the Autodesk Education Project. Before I designed this set, I primarily focused on the overall look and feel and attractiveness of the design. In Fusion I used the curve, sketch, rotate and decal features. The ease of these commands working together allowed me to quickly design the Tea Time set and visual the final product. The set consists of 3 components, the tea kettle, tea fork and cup. When I designed these pieces I tried to express originality through the white pottery, gold trim, and watercolor.


What lies ahead?

My first goal is to get certified in Product Design and receive an Autodesk certification (ACU, ACP). From a project standpoint, I plan on working on 4 designs – a green electronic guitar, bike, umbrella and chess set that I will model in Fusion 360 and then 3D print. It is my hope to make all of these prototypes fully functional.


In the future, I don’t know what my exact career will be, but in any field, any area, any job I will make it a point to provide great value and become an expert in my field. I will also continue to spread the word about Fusion letting others now that everyone can design with Fusion 360.


Check out more of my designs on the Fusion Gallery.


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