Fusion 360 Model of the Month – May

by ShannonMcGarry 5 years ago 2 min read

Congratulations to Sharath, the winner of the Fusion 360 model of the month for May. Hear more from Sharath about his fantastic design – Project Redro and his experience using Fusion 360.


Sharath’s Story

Sharath1Hi everyone! I’m Sharath Naik, a mechanical engineering student and an Autodesk student expert here in Bangalore, India.


I was introduced to Fusion 360 earlier this year when my college hosted a “Design Now” event. My initial reaction was “Wow! Fusion 360 is so easy!” I just fell in love with the software and from that point on, it has been all about Fusion 360 for me. Fusion 360 and I go on dates frequently and get together almost every day.  I love the fact that it’s cloud based and not to mention, CAD, CAM, simulation, rendering etc., all in one place… it can’t get any better right?


Well, on to Project Redro-134…it all started when I was given the challenge to make a design that had a practical application and was also something useful. So, I started “Googling” away and that’s when I came across an article about search and rescue operations during natural disasters not being effective enough. It then occurred to me, why don’t I make a robot, which can cover both land and air and make search operations much easier. And that’s when Redro was born!




Redro basically is a robot drone that moves around with its four legs and hovers around using two propellers. When Redro goes to a target area, it starts scanning the environment with its thermal camera, making it easier to detect people among all the debris. The result is then sent to a control desk where they pinpoint the location of the drone using its GPS and send in the rescue team for immediate action.  I tried to make this project as realistic as possible, especially with the demand and popularity of drones today.


My story with Fusion 360 has just started and there’s a lot more that I need to learn. Many of my projects are “under construction” and will be uploaded soon in the Gallery. You can check all my other projects here.


Thank you Autodesk for allowing me the opportunity to highlight my model for the design of the month.

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