Fusion 360 Model of the Month – June

ShannonMcGarry July 14, 2016 2 min read

Congratulations to Igor, the winner of the Fusion 360 model of the month for June. Hear more from Igor about his beautifully modeled Festina F16673 watch and his experience using Fusion 360.




Greetings, everyone! My name is Igor Zinkevich. I’m from Russia and am a student of Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, where I’m studying to be a Civil Engineer.


I began using CAD in my studies last November. I started with Autocad, however after a few months, I realized that while it is a great program, it was not a good fit for some of the complex designs that I wanted to make. I then tried 3DS Max, Inventor and some other products, but it was rather difficult to learn them on my own.


I became very discouraged, stop designing, and began searching for a program that was a better fit for my needs. It was then I found a mention about Fusion 360 on the Autodesk website. I downloaded Fusion 360 and started modelling immediately, and without any difficulties. Fusion 360 has a very simple and clear interface. Each day I’d start exploring new features and began liking Fusion 360 more and more! It’s really great that modeling, rendering, simulation and more is included in one product. You can design almost everything from beautiful forms to complex mechanisms with it.


One day I was sitting near my PC and thinking what could I model? I looked at my hand and saw my Festina watch. I asked myself – “Why not?”, and started working away. I want to make a model that would be really similar to its original version. When I finished modeling, I rendered it and was very pleased. My model looked quite beautiful and realistic. I posted it in Fusion 360 Gallery and was delighted to see other people liking my work.




Now I’m planning to design something related to Civil Engineering or kayaking and perhaps make some video lessons to help other designers in Russia, as there are only a few lessons in Russian language now.


You can always check my profile HERE. Feel free to ask some questions and take a look on my new projects!


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