Tech Tip: Becoming Two-Faced with Fusion 360

Michelle Stone Michelle Stone May 28, 2019

1 min read

Our Customer Success Team spends a lot of time helping customers learn the best ways to use Fusion 360. We’d like to start sharing more of these tips, tricks, and best practices with the larger Fusion 360 Community via these Tech Tips.


Alessandro Gasso was recently helping a customer who is new to generative design in Fusion 360. The customer asked how he could apply a force just to a region of a surface, instead of the entire face, when defining design conditions.


Ale showed him how he can split the face, to create the region where he wants to apply the force. He was generous enough to create a video we could share with you all:




Want to learn more from Ale in person? Consider joining us at Fusion 360 Academy. Ale will be teaching the session “Autodesk Generative Design Capabilities for Machinery Industries” along with our other teammate, Matt Lemay.


I hope you enjoyed this tip and we look forward to seeing you at the Academy.

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