Design Challenge: FrankenTech challenge 2

Avatar kat.ingalls March 3, 2014

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 Hey guys! We have a new design challenge for you (you’ve been asking!). Introducing the FrankenTech challenge for students. In each of the 4 design challenges, you’ll combine two everyday gadgets into one all-new 3D design. For example, what can you design by combining a Projector with a Video game controller? Or fuse a Portable speaker with a Video recorder? What would this product do? What would it look like? 

“Do you like pushing the boundaries of creativity? Is your imagination a little twisted? Then this is the challenge for you. Unleash your 3D design skills using today’s most intuitive 3D CAD tool, and see if your monsterpiece is chosen as the best of the best.”

How it works

A new challenge will be announced every 2 weeks. There are 4 challenges in all, giving you 4 opportunities to put your mad skills to the test (and 4 chances to win). At the end of each submission period, the designers at Autodesk will pick the top two most creative designs from the Fusion 360 Gallery, and then the community votes for their favorite. The design with the most gallery Likes wins!

Want to give it a go? Here’s how: 

  1. Check out the current FrankenTech Challenge
  2. Get creative in Fusion 360! (We’re here to help)
  3. Submit your design to the Fusion 360 Gallery
    before the end date – make sure to tag it with “frankentech”
  4. Get your friends to vote. Get the most votes, you win!

Looking forward to seeing your designs on the Fusion 360 Gallery! (Even if you’re not ready to start designing, you can still vote for your favorite)

Fusion 360 Community Manager

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