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Bike Design Project: Ultimate urban utility bike


We love bikes, their functionality, and the freedom to explore on the Fusion 360 team. But most of all we love the design. That’s why we’re supporting The Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, a contest to design and build the ultimate urban utility bike. Five of the country’s most innovative design firms and bike builders will be competing in the Project. We want to give you insights into the design process and give you the opportunity to design the trophy for the winners.

6 reasons why innovators & designers are going to AU 2013

AU2013 blog banner-sm.jpg

Autodesk University is coming up soon (Dec 3-5) and design and manufacturing is taking a bigger spotlight than ever before. Which is great news for product designers and engineering innovators!

This year there’s a series dedicated to the New Industrial Revolution, and a brand new day-long event, I3D, just for entrepreneurial designers. Without further ado, here’s the top 6 reasons innovators & designers will be coming to AU 2013…

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