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  • Tommy Flowers and Colossus

    When those around him doubted his initiative and his designs, Tommy Flowers funded his own project, turned the tides of war, and made a lasting impression on the computing world.

  • Big Data vs. Fast Data

    When it comes to data processing, fast data is essential in sifting through the information that big data houses in swaths. In tandem, they’ll lead to great things in the field of artificial intelligence.

  • How Caroline Haslett Changed STEM

    Caroline Haslett took some of the first monumental steps toward diversity in STEM. We still have a long way to go, but thanks to her, we’re well on our way.

  • The History of Digital Schematic Design

    Good PCB design is like good barbecue. You need to choose your software like you choose your grill, and you always want the best.

  • The History of Wind Energy

    The first windmill cropped up in Roman Egypt, and ever since, it’s been a hot topic. Are wind farms worth the investment, or are they eyesores in natural landscapes?

  • Cool Calculation: The First Electronic Calculator

    Few pieces of technology have been as revolutionary as the electronic calculator. Follow Texas Instruments’ innovative approach to designing what is now a staple on every smart device.

  • STEM in College and Beyond

    One of the biggest hurdles for STEM education in the United States is its lack of diversity. Are we doing enough to inspire future engineers from all backgrounds?

  • Bio-Inspired Robotics

    Robots aren’t just a series of metal boxes and buttons. See how everything from the skin on your arm to the legs on your basement’s spider is inspiring robotic design.

  • 5 Software Failures That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Fender-Bender

    Sometimes the biggest, most well-intentioned initiatives can go up in flames. These 5 software failures will keep you from repeating a similarly disastrous mistake.

  • What’s New in Autodesk EAGLE 9.2

    Our newest features are here. Quickroute fanout, digital sim, paint roller and so many more! Get our update so you can save time on your designs!

  • Keeping Current: George Westinghouse Jr. Was More Than a Rival

    George Westinghouse Jr. was more than you thought he was, learn more about his life: prolific inventor, humanitarian, and a revolutionary in the rail industry.

  • EAGLE Libraries UI/UX Improvements

    Be sure to stay up-to-date with your EAGLE version in order to take advantage of all the improvements we make! Check out our Desktop Library updates.

  • What’s New Autodesk EAGLE 9.1

    Extreme Makeover, EAGLE 9.1 Edition We’ve got a new look this summer – interface updates, new icons, color contrast options, and efficiency features. Autodesk EAGLE is dedicated to bringing you the best software, and we are constantly working to enhance your experience. Check out what’s new in EAGLE 9.1, and download the newest version today!  […]

  • Design Reference: OpAmps for Everyone

    It’s an analog world! Learn everything you will ever need to know about Op Amps in today’s Everyday App Note.

  • Marcel Vogel Rational & Spiritual Scientist

    Marcel Vogel wasn’t your everyday scientist. From magnetic coatings on hard disks to therapeutic healing with crystals, learn more about this man’s journey as a rational and spiritual scientist.