What’s New in Autodesk EAGLE 9.4 

Michelle Stone Michelle Stone April 24, 2019

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What’s New in Autodesk EAGLE 9.4

It’s like getting your new prototype boards back from MFG or passing DRC; we always anticipate a new release with bated breath! EAGLE 9.4 is now available delivering real design power and speed. We’re giving you faster access to 3D models, quick replacement on component groups and building even higher on the assisted routing tools. Time to unwrap this release! 

Multiple Airwire Bus Routing

If you’ve ever sat there cautiously routing a group of signals line by line you will love this. We are adding an extra power boost to Manual Routing with the NEW Multiple Signal Bus mode!  

What it does  

Instead of routing airwires one by one the NEW Bus Routing mode gives you the option to route multiple airwires all at once, adhering to your space and width rules all along the way. Routing your digital buses is especially made easy using this new tool. As a plus you’ll still be able to leverage the power of Walkaround and Push Obstacle assisted routing tools while you route your bus.  

Multi Signal Routing

Differential Pair Routing

We’ve done an extreme overhaul on differential pair routing. No more ripping up and rerouting traces in order to route your differential pairs on dense boards! You’ll now be able to easily see them flash up in highlight. Walkaround and Push Obstacle modes will also be there to help guide you if needed. Available with bus routing and single route modes.  

How it works  

Activate the new Differential Pair command and see all defined differential pairs in highlight. Use Quick Route for a fast finish.  

Differential Pair routing

Assign 3D models on Layout and Schematic Workspace

We listened! You’re now getting quicker access to 3D models. New commands allow you to bypass Managed Libraries and directly assign 3D models to components on your Schematic or Board. Overriding an existing model associated with a component is now an option too. This tool may also be handy when working with assets from EAGLE’s built-in libraries. 



custom commands
Custom 3D Command

Object Inspector

The Object Inspector increases logistical capability and powers up the Design Manager. Replacing a group of LEDs or resistors on your PCB design can now be done in a snap. Only previously possible with a ULP. The Inspector panel is available in the schematic, board, footprint and symbol editor windows.  

It highly simplifies group operations including: 

How to use it: 

Here’s and example. Use the Design Manager to select components of the same size. Create a group. Now, you’ll be able to use the new Object Inspector to change or modify your selection. Done. 

object inspector

Selection Filter

The Selection Filter panel allows you to pre-select the objects and layers or layer sets you want to execute a command on. Use the Reset button to restore initial settings.

Selection filter

COPY Command

COPY command now includes new options to copy Devices, Symbols, Footprints, and Packages from a design file straight into a library. The Assets context menu in the design files now has entries for copying assets into a library. This makes it very easy to extract specific design assets into your library. Options change depending on what editor you are in. 

Copy command

Professional Layout Designing keeps getting faster with Autodesk EAGLE. Start designing with more efficiency and ease by subscribing to the latest EAGLE 9.4 release here. As always, we look forward to your feedback so that we can continue to make EAGLE your favorite PCB tool.   


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