How To Create Custom Fonts on Your PCB in Fusion 360 Electronics

Shannon McGarry Shannon McGarry February 25, 2022

1 min read

Learn how to use any font on your machine for your PCB designs in the Fusion 360 electronics workspace.


You may think using custom fonts on your PCBs is a matter of personal preference, but the option to customize does have its advantages. You can match fonts used on logos to improve aesthetic appeal or even apply different fonts depending on usage. As an example, you can use a specific font for annotations for fabrication details and a different front for component reference designator attributes.

Let’s take a look at how to use custom fonts on your PCB in the Fusion 360 electronics workspace.

To start, you’ll select the font on your PCB design. Once selecting the text, you’ll notice it’s in the vector font by default. When selecting from the drop-down you’ll notice you have four options – Vector, Proportional, Fixed, and Custom. Choosing Custom allows you to use all of the fonts that are on your system. 

Custom text also isn’t limited to your 2D PCB. When you push your PCB to 3D, it’s applied. It’s also applied when you go back into your manufacturing space in 2D PCB and when generating Gerber files.

There you have it. A complete solution. You’re no longer limited to fixed veteran proportional and can use any font that’s on your system.

Take a look at the following video to see the process in action.

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