November Update Preview

schneik November 10, 2014 8 min read

We are not far off from our November update. We had hoped to release the 8th. We found a few last issues we wanted to take a week and test to make sure we got right. The update is full of improvements you have asked for.  Let’s look at each area in detail.




The new Data Panel has been enhanced based on feedback. Improvements should make usage easier.


The activity pallet now allows replies to comments. This creates threaded comments that better organize discussion on an item.

2014-11-10 10.51.37 am.png


Offline Improvements



Multi-aspect Fusion dataworkspace switch.png

General UI


Timeline replay

Improved association from timeline to model and timeline to browser

 color cycle.png




Sketch Improvements


Extrude can now use a work point or sketch point as the input for “To” terminations.


Delete feature(s) after the timeline play marker.

delete after end of part.png





New Animation Workspace


Animation and Exploded Views

Story boards

Camera recording

2014-10-07 12.17.33 pm.png



Component Properties


Render Workspace


CAM Workspace

Updated Strategy options.ssp_temp_capture copy 2.png


3D Print



2014-11-10 10.43.48 am.png

Introduction of Fusion 360 Ultimate


Fusion 360 Ultimate now delivers advanced tools.

Fusion 360 Ultimate includes:

Learning and First Customer Experience


2014-10-07 12.20.55 pm.png

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