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Avatar schneik October 1, 2013

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Well, it’s October.  We had hoped to release our next update this week, but it looks like we need a few days to finish up some last fixes. We are going to shoot for next Monday.  It is a big release and I talked about it in the post here.

This release is an important one. We thought we would take a few moments to explain the underlying thought process that is guiding us through December. We have a bucket of work that I would call, “laying the foundation.” This includes the collaboration and direct modeling tools we released in early summer. For September a big part of foundation work is enabling mesh data ( like import of OBJ and STL). Check this out:

2013-10-01 09.46.52 am.jpg
A shot of mesh data being used as an underlay for sculpt surfaces


For December we will be previewing the 2D drawing tools and we will be releasing the history modeling tools aka parametric tools. Since this time last year we have heard that these big pieces and important to you and what you think you need to be using Fusion 360 in your workflows.

As we lay this foundation of technology and capability we are also balancing quality and polishing. This means we sometimes have to give priority to foundation work and have to leave some polishing. The IdeaStation has great ideas from you guys for fit/finish/polishing. We are not ignoring these, but we can’t get to all of them as quickly as we like. We thank you for the thoughtful ideas, and want you to know that as we plan our releases for December and into next year you will see more and more work on requests for polishing and productivity improvements.

We are getting excited to see all the good work and ideas coming in our planed updates. We hope that you agree. We look forward to hearing what other new ideas we can deliver. And appreciate you spending your time using Fusion 360.

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